The Search For Anno Domini

KU distinguished scholar/playwright of African and African American Studies Dr. Peter Ukpokodu will write and produce “The Search for Anno Domini MMXXI-I-VI,” in partnership with KC Melting Pot Theater. This timely play explores racial inequity in America bookended by the aftermath of Covid-19 and the current political climate where civil rights for many Americans have been challenged and undermined. The play places different racial groups in the United States on the same platform, face-to-face, to engage in dialogue. Serious topics are laced with humor and presented in the call and response style of theatre. This approach creates a slight distance between the audience and unfolding events so they can see the strangeness of certain actions and discuss meanings and messages. Audiences will engage in talk backs in select performances to engage in conversation about racial equity issues and seek solutions in partnership with the playwright, director, actors, and fellow viewers.


Cast and Crew

Dr. Nicole Hodges Persley


Rachel McGrath

as Narrator/Africus Noel

Wendy Thompson

as Albus Lee

Jessica Whitfield

as Alba Kim

Ruthie Wu

as Asiana Naomi

Areli Gil

as Latina Monica

Ebonee Grace

Ebonee Grace

as Nativa Ruth

Katelyn Stanton

Stage Manager

Mackenzie Reppy

Assistant Stage Manager

Dennis Jackson

Dennis Jackson

Sound Designer

Doug Schroeder

Doug Schroeder