The Green Book Wine Club Train Trip

Five contemporary black women from Kansas City take weekend train trip as part of their book/wine club. Marie, a librarian, in addition to arranging the trip, is also doing research for her grandmother’s 80th birthday which involves looking through “The Negro Motorist Green Book,” the guidebook used by African-Americans in pre-integration America to know the safe places to stay and patronize while traveling. Marie accidentally time travels to the 1940s, where she stays in a boarding house mentioned in the “Green Book.” The four actresses in the boarding house are double-cast as Marie’s friends on the trip.


The Green Book Wine Club Train Trip Cast/Crew

Michelle Tyrene Johnson


Teresa Leggard


Khrystal Coppage

as Marie

Lanette King

as Alicia/Cotton Blue

Jabrelle Herbin

as Saige/Lucy

Karis Harrington

as Toni/Henrietta

Cecilia Evelyn Belser-Patton

as Lynn/Bertha

Melonnie Walker

Melonnie Walker


Marica Davis


Theresa Kelly

Scenic Design/Lighting

Danny Kopitke

Stage Manager

Morgan Cole

Assistant Stage Manager/Board Operator