The Amen Corner

KCMPT presents a revival of James Baldwin’s classic play The Amen Corner, directed by Melonnie Walker. The Amen Corner, Baldwin’s first work for the stage written in 1954, chronicles the story of  a Black female pastor in Harlem, Margaret,who must grapple with the social, cultural and gender limitations of pastoring a storefront church when she is suddenly confronted by the secular life that she left behind. When her long-lost husband Luke, a jazz musician, and the father of her only son, returns to address unreconciled questions of their past love, and the impact of his absence on their estranged son, David. The Amen Corner asks relevant questions about the Christian faith, the Black family, gender roles, and race that resonate in the 21st century, almost 70 years after Baldwin’s play premiered.

Study Guide

Cast and Crew

Melonnie Walker


Amber Redmond

as Margaret

Lynn King

Lynn King

as Odessa

Solomon Langley

as David

Craig Lindsay

as Luke

Jackie Price

Jackie Price

as Sister Boxer

Douglass Walker

as Brother Boxer/Musical Director

Dionna Patrick

as Sister Moore

Adeana Carr

as Ida Jackson/Sister Rice

Donna Moon

as Sister Sally/Sister Douglass

Laura Burt

Stage Manager

Richard J. Burt

Assistant Stage Manager

Douglas Schroeder

Doug Schroeder

Set Designer

Dennis Jackson

Dennis Jackson

Sound Designer

Warren Deckert

Warren Deckert

Light Designer

Daniella Toscano