On Shoulders Now

On Shoulders Now is a powerful holiday family story about one man’s memory of life and resilience from beyond the grave. Vernon is a homeless man from Kansas City who saw the good and bad in his community and still loved it even though community members never saw him as anything more than a homeless man without a job. After his recent passing, Vernon haunts the present unable to rest in peace until he shares his fondest reflection on a Christmas past that reveals the true meanings of the season: love, friendship and family. Flashing back to our undocumented, homeless and victims of the street in our community. Vernon asks how can Christmas be a season of caring, sharing and holiday cheer when some citizens remain as invisible as ghosts?

On Shoulders Now Cast/Crew

Nicole Hodges Persley


Elizabeth A. Hillman

as Lacy

Priest Hughes

as Eddie

Desmond 3-3-7 Jones [Square]

Desmond Jones

as Vernon

Cydia White

as Noi

John Van Winkle

John Van Winkle

as Levon

Jabrelle Herbin

as Shanel

Regina Sanchez

as Carmen

Theresa Kelly

Lighting Designer

Melonnie Walker

Melonnie Walker


Timmia Hearn

Stage Manager

Nick Hazel

Assistant Stage Manager

Dishaun Phillips

Sound & Board Operator

Marica Davis


Robert Crone

Set Design & Co-Set Build

Danny Kapitke

Co-Set Build