King Hedley II

King Hedley II takes place in the Hill District of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1985. It’s set in the backyard of a once flourishing neighborhood now falling apart due to urban decay. King Hedley II, recently released from a prison stint, returns to society with no formal education or job prospects. Hanging with his friend Mister in his backyard planting seeds that just don’t seem to take root, King dreams of opening a video rental store using money earned selling stolen refrigerators. Battling his desire to be somebody in the present while haunted by a past that won’t turn him loose, King’s dreams are doomed to a violent end in Wilson’s darkest and most symbolic play.

King Hedley II Cast/Crew

Harvey Williams


Sherri Roulette Mosley

as Ruby

Dennis Jackson

Dennis Jackson

as Stool Pigeon& Sound Designer

Jerron O’Neal

as Mister

Lewis Morrow

as King

Lanette King

as Tonya

Theodore (Priest) Hughes

as Elmore

Melonnie Walker

Melonnie Walker

Assistant Director/Dramaturg

Emily Kennebeck

Stage Manager

Robert (Tre) Coppage

Assistant Stage Manager

Charles Moore

Set Designer/Builder

Warren Deckert

Warren Deckert


Robert Crone