KCMPT Black Playwright Festival

Welcome to the Blue Swan by Paris Crayton III – Set in 1990’s St. Louis, a group of people, friends even, lay it all on the line – their past, their faults, their mistakes and their attempts to make things right . . . or at least better, all while grabbing a drink at the local lounge – the Blue Swan
Willy Bobo by Layon Gray – A continuation of an American theatre classic, what happens when two men confront the ugliness of their recent scheme? Can wrong ever be justified? Are we actually holding ourselves back every time we ignore the fact we’re holding back someone else?
Hairy & Sherri by Adrienne Dawes – An interracial couple with good intentions adopt a 12 year kid only to learn good intentions are hardly ever enough as inherent biases and societal conditioning starts to kick in.