The O’Mallery’s have gathered in their local park to share some barbecue and straight talk with their sister Barbara, whose spiral of drugs and recklessness has forced her siblings to stage an open-air intervention. But the event becomes raucous and unpredictable as familial stereotypes collide with hard realities, and racial politics slam up against the stories we tell—and maybe even believe—about who we were and who we’ve become.

Barbecue Cast and Crew

Lynn King


Jabrelle Herbin

as Barbara

Casey Jane

as Barbara

Brittany Evans

as Marie

Brianna Van Deusen

as Marie

Dennis Jackson

as James T/Sound Designer

Johnathan Van Winkle

as James T

Jackie Price

as Adlean

Jessica Whitfield

as Adlean

Markeyta L. Young

as Lillie Anne

Wendy Thompson

as Lillie Anne

Ebonee Grace

Stage Manager

SyKnese Fields

Assistant Stage Manager

Doug Schroeder

Set Designer/Costumer

Warren Deckert

Light Designer

Melonnie Walker


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