The rich get richer, but, can the poor afford to get poorer?

When Wall Street was desperate to survive in 2008, they threatened, and we gave them “trillions,” no questions asked. Now, Wall Street is alive and prospering. Yet, there are other streets in America, now threatening. So, what will we give them?

“The poignancy is palpable in these monologues. When you match a good actor to good material, the effect is magical. It’s as if time stops. And that’s how this section of the second act comes across. If I had a rewind button, I’d watch it again.” Robert Trussell, KC Studio


2121 Cast/Crew

Harvey Williams


Elizabeth A. Hillman

as Ms. Kay

Shereese Murphy

as Ray-Ray

Lynette Sparkman-Barnes

as Ms. Tate

Orlando Newton

as Damon

Lewis Morrow

as Mr. Gregory

Philip Hooser

as Floyd

Dennis Jackson

Dennis Jackson

as Donald

Carol Leighton

as Catherine

Njeri Mungai

as Ms. Neu

Joileeah Worley

as Reina

Timothy Burks

as Rick

Ebonee Grace

Ebonee Grace

as Isha

Daniella Foster

as War Drum-Ma

Nick Hazel

as Commander Mann

Warren Deckert

Warren Deckert

Technical Director/Designer

Troy Cox

Stage Manager

Cindy Siefers

Assistant Stage Manager