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Welcome to the NEW KC MeltingPot Theatre

KC MELTINGPOT THEATRE, is a venture to provide a platform for the expression of theatre and arts in Kansas City and its outlying areas. Our pursuit is to produce or assist in producing original works by local talent, representative of the rich and varied ethnic and life communities in the metropolitan and suburban areas of greater Kansas City.

Since inception we have produced the works of 6 local playwrights, 4 of which were female writers. We've employed 32 local actors and 12 local crew members.

This summer we begin an internship program with 3 local High School students and 3 College students.  Forward we go!

We are dedicated to being a worthy addition to our city's vibrant arts community. Our KC Meltingpot Theatre represents the blending of individual endeavors for the enrichment of us all. KC MeltingPot is the Anchor company at Just Off Broadway Theatre. All performances are held on the KEAIRNES Stage at Just Off Broadway Theatre

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We are dedicated to being a worthy addition to our city's vibrant arts community.


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Harvey Williams Founder of KC MeltingPot
Gidion’s Knot

September 18 - 26, 2015

Gidion’s Knot was first produced at the 2012 Contemporary American Theatre Festival. The Kansas City premiere was produced by Phoenix KC Theatre as part of the 2014 Kansas City Fringe Festival. A revival of Gidion’s Knot featuring the original KC cast of Vanessa Harper and Ellen DeShon will be presented at Just Off Broadway Theatre in Sept/Oct, 2015.

Over the course of a parent/teacher conference, Gidion’s Knot reveals itself as a thought provoking play touching on censorship vs. artistic expression, bullying, and the state of education today. A powerful play with many unanswered questions and content that is at times dark and disturbing, this is a must-see for parents, educators and anyone who appreciates the experience of exceptional live theatre. Directed by Warren Deckert.

Phoenix KC Theatre Production

By Johnna Adams

On Shoulders Now

A Christmas Story? by Harvey Williams

November 27 - December 19, 2015

Vernon and Eddie, street hustlers, odd job men, they live to just live another day.
LeeVon, Man from farmland, naïve but true of heart, jobless, homeless with not a penny to his name.
Noi, lost, homeless and very pregnant, living with overwhelming torment.
Carmen, Lacy and Shanel, ladies of the streets by night a family by day. All there on that Christmas Eve. Come share that not so silent, not so holy night when:
Street girls sang
A little drummer banged
Bums got wise
And the baby Jesus how she cried.
“On Shoulders Now” A Christmas Story?

KC MeltingPot Production

August 14 - August 29, 2015

He’s called “Old School”. Old man in shabby clothes on any corner, any city. Always in your face with advice and life lessons. Bottle instead of bible in hand preaching a Ghetto Gospel. Who is that man and why that corner? Duce and Leslie are choosing an accessible path in life. All paths are difficult but some safe and others lead to destruction, the choice is critical. Detective Martin a veteran Police Officer committed to his chosen profession while simultaneously burning out from the reality of that profession. Ms. Stone a Probation Officer go between the criminal/justice enterprise. On the best day she seeks optimism amid hopelessness.

They all come together for a block party like no other!

Old School

By Harvey Williams

KC MeltingPot Production