Begetters by Lewis Morrow’s focuses on the twilight years of a long married African American couple, Spicer and Norma, whose caustic relationship has begun to rot the lives of their adult children and those they love. As Norma and Spicer wade through the collateral damage of their marriage, they realize the things and people they lose in the wake are irreplaceable.

Begetters Cast and Crew

Ile Haggins

Ile Haggins


Harvey Williams

as Spicer

Lynn King

as Norma

Lewis Morrow

as Gordon

Jackie Price

as Andrea

Larry "Wise" Guidry

as Kiko

Amber Redmond

as Anita

Cecilia Ananya

as Dr. Ross

Theodore “Priest” Hughes

Stage Manager

Desmond “3-3-7” Jones

Assistant Stage Manager

Doug Schroeder

Set Designer

Warren Deckert

Light Designer

Melonnie Walker


Dennis Jackson

Dennis Jackson

Sound Designer

Markeyta L. Young


Ratana Tshibanda

Assistant Costumer

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